UKZKM Incubator

ZKM HUB is a space where projects and ideas become reality.

The incubator supports economic enterprises through a variety of services  and it  functions as a  centre  to support innovation and socio - economic development, initially through a university approach and then in a social context.

Synergies and incentives of entrepreneurial economic development are results of the virtuous combination cycle of theoretical perspectives, technical abilities and social environment, in order to profit from activities of scientific research.

The incubator aims to support innovative community, through close cooperation between business and ICT representatives, so that to develop market-accepted ideas with an important trade potential. Project promoters will be assisted by experts from different fields (economics, finance, law, etc.,) on their journey through activities such as training / qualifications, mentoring and coaching.

The incubator aims to create a community dedicated to innovations, therefore to improve the economic and social environment where it operates.

Our mission is to be a centre geared toward speeding up the growth and success of everyone who wants to develop their ideas through a professional and methodological approach. 

The incubator provides a range of services for all those individuals, entrepreneurships and investors who have an idea or an ongoing project.  

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