Statistics and Quality Assessment Office

Statistics and Quality Assessment Office operates in compliance with the mission of the Catholic University “Our Lady of the Good Counsel” for an education that respects the fundamental rights of man, humanity, social equality between social groups and human races , religions and various nationalities.

The main activities of the office are: 

1. processing university data on professors, students and administrative staff of the university;
2. quantitative and qualitative description of the university activity on aspects related to students, professors and administrative staff of the university;
3. organization and coordination of data collection;
4. diffusion of raw data and those processed for internal and external administration (Ministry, Accreditation Agency, etc.) upon authorization;
5. treatment and promotion of the qualitative aspects of internal quality;
6. collaboration with the Internal Evaluation Unit on internal quality data for the publication of the annual internal quality report.

Office contacts

Email: [email protected] 
Tel .: 0035542273290
Address: Central Building - Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”
Responsible: Emiljan Karma, PhD
Working time: 8.30 am - 5.00 pm

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