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How important is the university you choose for your life? How do the studies affect in forming your character? How stimulating can be a docent you meet accidentally during a subject's lecture that you felt boring but it turns into an inspiration for your future ?! These questions are answered in the best way by the case of Elona Ndoj, Pharmacist student at the Catholic University "Our Lady of Good Council". All of us here think that Elona has found the success story at OLGC: a combination of excellent results with the professors' appreciation and the admiration of the classmates.

In the fifth year of studies, she has started the collaborations that focus her qualification in the pharmaceutical world. Soon, the girl from Lezha will join in Italy a research project that studies the effects of stress on juveniles. The data of this researching will serve her to compile the thesis topic.
And here you are presented with Elona: