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The Language Centre of the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”, on April the 6th and the 7th 2017 opened its doors for the pupils of the private elementary school of Durrës “Vinçenc Prendushi”. The pupils got to know the programs and the activity of the Language Centre of the University ZKM, within the framework of the annual activity “One Day in the University”.
Divided in groups, the pupils received detailed information related to the programs of Italian, English and Albanian languages offered by the Language Centre of UKZKM. The director of this office of UKZKM, Natalina Hoti presented to them the general objectives of the Language Centre and explained to the youngsters the detailed program of the languages in all the Faculties and as well as the extracurricular activity of the Centre. In spite of a bilateral agreement between the Cambridge University and the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”, the Language Centre has the right to distribute the International CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH Certificate in all the European Language Levels.
The pupils of “Vinçenc Prendushi” school visited the University Campus, Dentistry Clinic and the Physiotherapy Centre.