On 17 July 2017 ended the first edition of the PhD in "Public Health, Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases and Pharmacovigilance of the Catholic University "Our Lady of Good Council". The first students discussed their PhD theses, in the presence of Prof. Tritan Shehu, the Vice-Rector of the Catholic University OLGC and also in the presence of the Chairman of the Committee and other members.

The PhD Theses are as below:

- Marsida Krasniqi - " Transmission of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (CCHFV) in Albania”;
- Eftjola Pojani - " Evaluating the effectiveness of the vaccines used in Albania by studying the immune response in subjects          vaccinated with combined vaccines (MMR) or individual (Hepatitis B)";
- Dragusha Spring - "Epidemiology and Molecular Characteristics of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in Albania;
- Irsida Mehmeti - "Side effects following vaccination to Albanian children";
- Silvi Bozo - "Policies and Practices on the Use of Antibiotics in the Albanian Healthcare System";
- Lorenc Konomi - "Etiology and characteristics of severe respiratory infections in hospitalized patients in Albania".

- Genta Nallbani-"Prevalence and distribution of HPV genotypes in Albanian women 18-24 years of age."

The PhD Program was held in collaboration with the University of Milan Studies and the Institute of Public Health "Hulo Hajderi". The teaching and research process were presented in Albanian and Italian language.