Organigram (structure)

Administrative Council

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council of the Foundation “Our Lady of Good Counsel”, is the highest collegial body for governing and management of the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel” and ensures the smooth running of educational activities. The Administrative Council makes planning, directing and control of the activities related to the administrative and financial management of the University. The Council is composed of:

  • P. Daniele Bertoldi Presidente
  • P. Appolinaire Anguissa Metogo, Vice Presidente
  • S.e. Angelo Vincenzo Zani
  • Prof. Lorenzo Ornaghi
  • Prof. Alessandro Lombardi
  • P. Michael Sebastian
  • Prof. Paulina Hoti

Center for Formation of Southeastern Europe Deputies

Center for Formation of Southeastern Europe Deputies
It’s a initiative of the Italian Parliament Chamber of Deputies, the Albanian Parliament, and the Catholic University “OLGC”, established in November 2005, and has the following main objectives: strengthening political-institutional and technical-legislative competencies of regional deputies; the development, in Southeastern European parliamentary representations for

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