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The University "Our Lady of Good Counsel" in collaboration with the Archbishopric of Shkoder-Pult presented during a special conference the two volumes of the book "Imzot Vincenç Prennushi me Shokë Martirë".

The conference was held in the context  ofseveral cultural activities of the university. During the conference, different students read some parts of the book, in order to transmit  the human and national dimension of  the 38 Albanian martyrs. Their beatification is scheduled to be held on November 5.

Unfortunately the book is incomplete because of early death of the author, Father Leonardo Pinto OFM.

During his speech, Father Angelo Massafraf.m of the Archbishopric  of Shkoder-Pultrecalled his first meeting with the author of the book in 1968 and estimated the great job he had done while writing the book.

"The author has done a great job full of devotion, dedicated to all people on Earth who have given unconditional  love to the eternal Father, but also to their nation,  even with the cost of losing their lives.  With great joy we present these volumes that now belong to the Albanian people, especially to those who are called in the holy duty of educating the young people, our future. I hope that the pages of this book  willhelp the hearts of the Albanians to beat even stronger and believe in God " has thus concluded his speech Father Massafra.

Prof. Dr. NevilaNika, whom has dedicated 37 years of her life to the history and archives, believes that the year  1945was the worst year for Catholicism in Albania,  in this year  the Albanians have usurped themselves. “Ihave  lived nearly 4 decades between documents, the document is hothouse, if we raise up against it, we remove its soul. The massacre against them, who created these documents,  the clergy, was unimaginable.  The archives of Father GergjFishta were safeguarded  by the Franciscan Order, but they were attacked first,  precisely because they were identified as intelligent people, who loved their country, "said Nika.

Dom GjergjSimoni, a former political prisoner,  failed to hold back his tears, while recalling the sufferance during the communist regime.

“I would have liked that my prosecutorswere present here, too. I would  have said to them, I have forgiven them ", said Dom GjergjSimoni thrilling the attendees at the conference.

He also spoke about his colleague, Dom Mikel Gjergji, whom was killed. "He was my friend and two weeks before he was stabbed, we met in a place known  Berdica’s arch . They want to arrest me - he said- they are pursuing me, I am sure. Two weeks later he was actually arrested”, reminded Dom GjergjSimoni.

The Rector of the University "Our Lady of Good Counsel", Bruno Giardina appreciated, the fact that the promotion  of the book dedicated to the martyrs, was held at the university.

"It is a testimony of how the man should be like, of what self-respect and dignity means . I think this conference is the best way to honor those people who have sacrificed their lives for the man", concluded Mr. Giardina.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Catholic clergy, prominent figures in politics, history, professors of the University "Our Lady of Good Counsel", students etc.