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 Lo spreco alimentare, un problema anche albanese

The European Centre of Peace Science, Integration and Cooperation (CESPIC) organizes the Round Table “The Italian law against food waste and its impact on poverty” onDecember 4th, at 10:00 a.m.

Food waste is a severe challenge for most countries in the world. According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) about one third of food produced is wasted world-wide and  the figure is about 40 per cent in industrialized countries at retail and consumer level. In particular, the European Commission estimated that 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU, with associated costs at 143 billion euros and therefore created an EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste involving member states as well as private actors in the food chain.

In fact, Italy has been the first country in EU to approve a law which does create a set of incentives for firms to donate unsold food to charities. Maria Chiara Gadda honorable member of the Italian parliament will describe the background, the motivation, the contents and the achievement of the law she wrote in 2016. In fact, the  Italian law against food waste (n. 166/216) has proven to be successful within a few months of application and therefore it is becoming a benchmark legislative instrument in Europe.  In order to discuss this law and the opportunity to introduce an analogous one in Albania, the Round Table is gathering people retaining different roles: lawmakers, an entrepreneur in the supermarket retail sector, food producers and civil society so to bring the whole variety of point of views on the issue of food waste.

The Round Table will be opened by Father Daniele Bertoldi President of Foundation ‘Our Lady of Good Counsel’, Prof. Bruno Giardina Rector Magnificus of Catholic University ‘Our Lady of Good Counsel’ and H.E. Alberto Cutillo Ambassador of Italy in Albania. Eventually it will be chaired by Prof. Raul Caruso, Director of CESPIC.


The main speaker will be Maria Chiara Gadda, honorable  member of the Italian parliament, writer of the law (n. 166/216). 

Other invited speakers are:

Milva Ekonomi, honorable  member of the Albanian parliament, former Minister of Economic Development (2013-2017)

Florjon Mima, honorable  member of the Albanian parliament, former Minister of Finance (2005-2009).

Giovanni La Gioia, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Catholic University OLGC

Pietro Tafuni, CEO Conad Albania

Alban Zusi, President of Albanian Food Industry

Arber Hajdari, Foundation Different Weekend, Executive Director

Wilma Verburg, Food Bank Albania Executive Director.  


The Round Table is included among CESPIC activities which are focused on the deep roots of societal peace.

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