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On the eve of the World Autism Awareness Day, the Catholic University of "Our Lady of Good Council" organized a conference entitled: " Recognising Autism".

Since the beginning, the conference moderator, Prof. Arvin Dibra, Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty, said that the aim is to talk about the possibility of diagnosing, treating, curing, as well as about autism research innovations. Father Daniele Bertoldi, Foundation President of Our Lady of Good Council, in his greeting speech brought to attention the conference initiator.
She is Elena, a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, which faces every day this reality, as her brother is autistic. Father Daniele Bertoldi said that this is a serious and significant initiative.
" Some terms associated with autism have changed over time. We used to talk about handicapped people but nowadays we talk about people with disabilities. I would prefer to talk to people who have different skills, but that does not mean they are inferior".

The organizer of this conference, Prof. Paulina Hoti, conveyed to attendees the message of Prof. Bruno Giardina, Rector of the Catholic University "Our Lady of Good Council".

"The conference entitled - Recognising Autism - is a challenge that involves us all. Knowing means to understand. Understanding means to accept the problem, situation and the way of being. I am not an expert in this field, but I think that the so-called lack of communication that seems to exist in the world of autism should be considered as another way to be expressed. A way that should be understood not only in its causes but also in its performances. "

Before the crowded auditorium, especially by the students of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Ariel Como, a psychiatrist, introduced new statistics on autism in Albania and Globally. In the meantime, Mrs. Juliana Esay, a psychologist, spoke extensively about behaviors, how this disorder manifests itself. She stated that nowadays autism appears to be a widespread phenomenon when boys, on average, are four times more likely to have autism than girls.

The writer Prof. Edmond Tupja confessed his personal experience of autism. He said that the risk
is multifaceted. First for the child, for his future, for the family and also for the society.
He showed the need to open as many structures for the treatment of autism, but also raised concerns about the high costs that has the treatment of this disorder.
April 2nd is the date defined by the United Nations Organization to raise awareness about this neurological brain disorder.