She is only 25 years old and has set up her own business. Rona Nushi, a former student, has finished her studies one year ago on the Faculty of Pharmacy at UKZKM. She began to produce cosmetic products before graduation.

"I was looking for a face cream but I couldn't find any product on the market that had the characteristics according to the needs of my skin. What stimulated me to create a galenical AD HOC mixture was the lack of the market compared with my needs".

This was the start toward her new adventure as a entrepreneurial. She started preparing personalized cosmetic products and her first clients were her friends. Due to increasing demands on this products Rona, a young girl born in Peja (Kosova), designed a true and complete line of BIO cosmetics.

Rona follows the entire production chain, started from the search for suppliers of raw materials internally and abroad, creation of packaging and logos, up to the distribution of her products in Albania and Kosovo pharmacies.


Four months ago, the former student of UKZKM has opened a store named "Bees & Trees Bio Cosmetics" in one of Tirana's shopping centers. She sells 18 BIO products. The production line consists of: Face Moisturizers & Face Creams To Hydrate Skin (Day & Night Cream), Eye Cream, Wrinkle Creams For Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne Cream, Sunscreen for face and body to protect your skin, Facials tonic according to your skin type, facial cleansing, Serum for Skin Signs (Bleaching & Rejuvenating), Lip Smoothing Cream and also Essential Oils of Different Types.
Rona says that the laboratory practice which took place at UKZKM and during the internship period in Italy under the auspices of the University of Milan were necessary for her vocational training.

The best memory in the University is related to the lectures of Prof. Luca Palugan who managed to create a less formal dialogue with his students and above all did not ever try to impose his opinion.

The Double Degree (Dual Degree) issued by these two institutions will allow Rona, to be positioned, why not, even in the European cosmetics market. This pharmacy degree will also guarantee operation in the Albanian market even when the cosmetics industry will be regulated by law.