Political Sciences and International Relations

The development of the democratic Albanian state and its institutions, of international cooperation, an increasingly active foreign policy and the process of integration of the country into the European Union (EU), requires a good knowledge of political sciences and international relations and training the experts in that field.

Professional profile

Graduates in Political Science and International Relations acquire knowledge in various fields: legal, historical, political and economic. They can be employed by the governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations carrying out their activities in the above areas. It may be mentioned state institutions and civil society that deal with legal issues related to the protection of human rights or of regional and international diplomacy or of Albania's integration process into the European Union.

Career opportunities

The degree program is naturally oriented to the preparation of officials and experts in international and European activities, designed to perform administrative and project activities prevailing characterization of international and European political-economic analysis, analysis and design activities in the fields of ' immigration and the protection of human rights, the management of peace-keeping and peace-building processes and activities to promote the socio-political-economic Italian culture abroad.

The multidisciplinary training provides graduates the flexibility required for insertion into the labor market, guaranteeing many professional opportunities:

  • Public sector: ministries, local authorities (particularly in the areas dealing with international relations and European affairs, even at trade union value), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (embassies, consular offices, other offices), University;
  • Entities, institutions and international and European organizations;
  • Third sector: NGOs working abroad;
  • Private sector: Foreign Offices of commercial companies in external projection, trade associations, multinational companies;
  • Public and private research centers.