Master of Science Msc/Master levell I and II

Master of Science Msc/Master levell I and II


The study program aims to prepare graduates for designing competences and skills in the field Environmental Transformation Landscape Architecture and Construction. It provides students with the skills and ways of thinking that lead to their professional registration as an architect and prepares them for global practice. The graduate will be able to combine human culture and scientific and technological competencies in order to manage all the stages of the design process.


Master Study Program in Architecture lasts 5 years and consists of 300 ECTS credits. The academic year is divided into 2 terms, in which lectures and design activities are held up. The first two years consists on the basic formation. During this time, student need to understand the key elements of the architectural design, construction, architecture history and building stability techniques. In the next three years, student gets notions (concepts) on theoretical and technical instruments design and also in architectural constructions and monumental restoration. During the study program are held advanced thematic seminars, according to personal choice of students. The Final Examination is a defense of a Diploma Thesis over different design stages of an original work from the student.

Professional Profile

A student graduated in architecture will be able to develop different activities such as becoming a designer in an autonomous or associate form. He can direct and cooperate in the evolution of professional studio projects, in technical offices of construction companies and will also be able to coordinate different projects of public institutions or private structures operating in promotion and management of interventions in the construction sector or the environment.


Prof. Fabio Capanni (CV) 

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